The Concept of Ontogenesis

So here we tackle a multisyllabic word not for purposes of intellectual show-boating, but because it has central meaning in the Ontogenica process. We also put a great deal of emphasis upon ontology. Clearly they share a common etymological root (Onto-) from the Ancient Greek ὤν (ṓn, “on”), the present participle of εἰμί (eimí, “being, existing, essence”). These two words then take this root in two directions: First, -logy gives us the notion of the Greek λόγος (lógos or “account”). Second, -genesis imputes the Ancient Greek γένεσις (génesis, “origin, source, generation, production, creation”).

So on the one hand we have one’s account of what exists -- essentially one’s being -- and, on the other, the development of an individual through various stages of maturity. Simply put, these two ideas intersect at the point where your account of ‘what is’ (your being in the world) inescapably defines your stage of maturity as a particular ‘organism’ within a particular environment.

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