Markets As Ecosystems

In the received wisdom of traditional economics, markets operate as faceless and anonymous mechanisms, distributing economic resources as if by some 'invisible hand'. Essentially, the market is seen to operate best when its participants are driven by self-interest (which sounds a little more palatable than abject greed). Our position is that although this suits mathematical modelling, it is simply not how the market for human capital works.

We see human capital markets existing as relatively closed ecosystems. This is not to say that 'self-interest' does not indeed figure heavily in the system of value creation and resource allocation. What this does mean, however, is that there is opportunity for 'ecosystem management'.

Rather than the adversarial relationship implicit in the traditional theory of markets, we believe that, at least in the human capital markets, value is released when there is a mindful harmonizing of interests. Stated bluntly, the human capitalist needs an organization to be structured in such a way so as to assimilate his or her outputs as inputs in a production function. There is no room in that reality for naked self-interest.

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