Strategically Releasing Value

The notion that one may strategically release value is rooted firmly in our position that all capital is contingent. Moreover, although admittedly simplistically stated here, especially in terms of human capital, value is generally measured in terms of money, which is to say that it is expressed in currency units. So, in rather crass terms, we can say that value is released when the market attaches a higher monetary value to a specific human capital output.
This overly stark treatment of value allows us to focus upon the core of Ontogenica's value-releasing position. Briefly stated, then, it is our contention that the market for human capital operates in a radically different way than supposed by the dogma of labour economics. We believe that both the human capitalists and the organizations that seek to assimilate their outputs in their own production function can behave strategically, and symbiotically, to release value for both sides of the market. That is, by adopting a proactive and strategic approach to human capital markets, individuals and firms can both extract greater monetary flows.

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