Sociotechonomics® is Ontogenica’s three-stage central value proposition for the supply-side (the individual) and demand-side (the firm) and is predicated upon the core claim that to increase the output of human capital, an understanding of both what human capital is and, critically, what it means to increase output from it, are necessary prerequisites. Socitechonomics® immediately adds value to the store of human capital of the individual or enterprise simply by rooting the idea of human capital in theoretical terms,and brings together social theory, economics and technology in such a way as to make these admittedly complex theoretical ideas not only accessible but immediately capable of releasing significant value.
Once the individual or enterprise intelligently engages with the very nature and the idea of human capital, Ontogenica pivots clients toward the second stage of the approach which is an analysis of the forces at work within human capital markets.
Finally, Ontogenica leads both individual clients and firms through the process of maximising the return on human capital and the intelligent augmentation of human capital stock. This process involves creating a bespoke programme of theory-based lectures, practical work, assessment and group discussion. Here social theory, technology and economics are further integrated into an effort to reframe the subjective ontology of each participant, whether on the supply- or demand-side.

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