First Steps

You reach out to us, we get back to you. No pressure. Just complete the form, or call 02921 252777.

Ontogenica primarily works with the portfolio companies of 4C Equity Partners Ltd, however, we are always interested in exploring opportunities to work with other companies.That said, we work only with organizations that we determine are serious about, and capable of, radical restructuring of their business model and the development of a new culture to support it. We present that bold claim forthrightly to leave you in no doubt that there is no pushy sales mechanism poised to pounce.

All that the first discussion entails is a simple exploration of whether there is a chance of working together. Our business model rests firmly on exclusivity. We create value by being as selective who we work with as you are. The last thing that should concern you is being pressured or bombarded by calls and emails.

Of course, if it turns out that either of us doesn't feel the time is right to work together, then we don't go any further. There's really nothing to lose.

Ontogenica Ltd

Registered Office

Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom N1 7GU

Telephone: 02921 252777


Company Number: 09270709